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Empowering Your Retirement Dreams

The Need-to-Know Strategies for a Successful Retirement

Do you know all the strategies of planning a successful retirement? Knowing these can make a huge difference to your bottom line in retirement. We’ve created the Retirement 101 video series to Empower Your Retirement Dreams. In just five short videos, you’ll learn what makes A Better Way Financial different, and the simple, yet remarkable financial strategies we recommend for an easier retirement.

Part 1 – Why Work with A Fiduciary Financial Planner?

One of the most important retirement decisions you can make is whom to place your trust in to help you achieve your financial goals. Learn why working with the team at A Better Way Financial will be a different experience than working with other financial firms.

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Part 2 – Strategies to Minimize Taxes in Retirement

Creating a proper retirement tax plan can mean the difference between success and failure for your future financial plans. Learn more about the innovative approach that A Better Way Financial applies to help you save on taxes throughout your retirement and even allow you to pass on your estate in a more tax efficient manner to your beneficiaries.

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Part 3 – Creating A Proper Retirement Income Plan

Do you know how to replace your income and have that income increase with inflation once your paycheck stops coming in? Do you know how much you can afford to live on in retirement without running out of money? Learn how A Better Way Financial can help you answer these questions and more with proper income planning.

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Part 4 – Developing Your Retirement Portfolio

How do you set up a portfolio to provide growth during your retirement and mitigate risks when the markets go through crazy downturns? Learn how the team at A Better Way Financial can help set you up for success by sharing comprehensive strategies that help maximize the performance of your retirement portfolio.

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Video 5 – Testing Your Retirement Plan

Are you on track to meet your retirement goals? What would happen to your portfolio if the market went down 50% (remember 2008)? Learn how A Better Way Financial can help test your retirement plan to see if it will work whether the markets do well or not.

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